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Dry cleaning & Laundry

There is absolutely no need to weigh your clothes; our courier will bring a bag for your clothes to be stored in.
We offer three different options for white, color or black clothing. However we don’t separate what is in each individual bag before washing.
Please don’t add silk, textiles with leather detailing, Kashmir, velvet or any clothes meant to be dry-cleaned.
Our driver will simply add the item into your order.
Although we do have the best equipment and trained professionals, we take every stain seriously. However instances where it is impossible might occur.
Although many of you remove your cleaning tags due to inconvenience or esthetics, we usually have no problem identifying the best course of treatment without it. If a piece of clothing poses an impossible dilemma, will contact you.

Pickup & Delivery

You can fill out a simple order at our website. We are available weekdays from 09:00-21:00 and weekends from 08:00- 20:00. Our agent will contact you on your phone on arrival.
You only have to have your clothes ready; we take care of the rest.
Our website offers the option to have your clothes picked up and delivered to different addresses. This allows you to have your delivery made to work so you don’t have to wait for us.
If the agent is unable to reach you for delivery, he will contact you on a phone and arrange a substitute delivery time.